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Cloudy Wednesday: 7 Predictions for 2013

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Happy New Year, everyone! As 2013 begins let’s take a look at some of the predictions in cloud computing for this year. Joe McKendrick of Forbes focuses on seven ideas that could be coming:

  • Hosted private clouds. Analysts predict that there will be more private clouds managed by someone else, off-premise which will be more cost effective.
  • Cloud and mobile becoming one. Experts see that many cloud projects are driven by the need to mobile access to back-end applications. Mr. McKendrick’s article states that currently most software as a service (SaaS) applications offer a mobile client which supports this prediction.
  • Personal clouds. Mr. McKendrick sites a Gartner prediction that personal clouds will gradually replace the personal computer as the location where individuals center their digital lives.
  • Cloud services brokerages. IT organizations will increasingly assume the internal role of “cloud services brokerage”.
  • Industry-specific and community clouds. We should see a rise in “purpose-built” clouds that serve a particular market, such as healthcare, finance, etc.
  • Talent. Shortages in cloud talent could present a constraint to enterprise technology adoption.
  • “Cloud” as a defining term. Experts predict that many will start to focus less on ‘everything to the cloud’ and focus more on what really fits and what doesn’t in the new technology.