AIX Service Provider Starts Up An IBM i Practice

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Evolving Solutions was recently featured on IT Jungle in an article about our newest team member Tim Klubertanz who brings industry leading IBM iSeries Power Systems expertise to our company.

Alex Woodie of IT Jungle interviewed Jamie Gmach who pointed out that before Tim, “One of the things we’ve been missing over the years, or been unable to fulfill within our customer base, are those pockets of i OS or iSeries needs that they had.” He later comments why now was a good time to close that skills gap and bring on Tim, “We saw an opportunity where the iSeries business had been shrinking for several years, and I kind of look at it now as having stabilized.”

Hiring Tim brought the skills to best serve customers with i technology and new customers interested. Tim is quoted as saying, “My role is to be a Power Systems architect for AIX and IBM i, and certainly I’ll be able to help grow our IBM i business.” Evolving Solutions also plans to look to cross train employees on IBM i technology as well as look at new hires with i skills and experience.

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