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Data Centers of the Future

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IDG Enterprises  gathered a number of articles on data center management trends. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights:

The Fuel Behind Data Center Traffic Growth

Cloud computing is driving data center traffic growth. Over the next four years data center traffic is expected to triple, reports Sharon Gaudin, largely due to growth in cloud computing.  In her article, Ms. Gaudin reports that by 2018 cloud will account for 76% of data center traffic.  Other industry findings are reporting a 50% growth rate in public cloud computing as well 40% growth in hybrid and 45% growth in private clouds. This growth will require data centers to perform even more efficiently.

Virtualization Is Key

Eric Knorr writes, “the technology foundation of cloud boils down to one seminal advance: virtualization.” He further adds, “virtualization abstracts the resources delivered by hardware infrastructure from the hardware itself. The resources become elastic -“defined” by software rather than by admins crawling around the data center rerouting cables, standing up new boxes, or flipping physical switches.” Taking virtualization one step further is the software-defined data center which opens up the time-saving functionality to the storage and network side of IT.

Software-Defined Data Centers

Finally, how does one get to a software-defined data center (SDDC)? Brandon Butler presents these essential first steps when starting down the path to SDDC:

  • Make sure you have the ability to manage capacity and make sure you have enough capacity to meet your organization’s needs
  • Make sure your platform can support multi-virtualization and multi-cloud vendors
  • Make sure your configuration management process is automated not manual

What trends are driving change in your data center?