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Why Small Businesses Should Move to the Cloud

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According to Mr. Steve Strauss of USA Today the first Top 10 list that David Letterman created aired in  September 1985 on his “Late Night” television show. It was titled “Things That Almost Rhyme with Peas.” As “The Late Show with David Letterman” comes to an end this week, Mr. Strauss takes this opportunity to engage the host’s famous top-10 list format to communicate why small businesses should move to the cloud. Check out some of those reasons…

  • It’s the future. Mr. Strauss explains, “Whether we like it or not, and whether you want to or not, your business will be moving to the cloud. Of course, you already do email in the cloud, but it is just as easy to move your other business applications there as well, whether for document storage, security, office applications, backup, finances and accounting, sales and marketing, or what have you.”
  • It’s safer. Cloud solution providers have invested in some of the best security technology out there that small businesses can tap into to better protect their own data
  • It’s easier than you think. Mr. Strauss points out that time and money are often the two biggest hurdles for small business owners. He recognizes there will be a learning curve with the cloud but not one so big that it outweighs the money and time benefits
  • It will make you more productive. In order to keep day-to-day operations going small businesses can find themselves focused on too many non-revenue generating activities beyond their specialties. There are many cloud solutions that can help take those woes off your plate and allow for more focus on strategic areas
  • It’s scalable. Cloud solutions are ready to grow with you or to dial down as needed without large investments
  • It’s affordable and up-to-date. Still running an old back-end system? Hoping an upgrade is in the budget for next year? With the cloud this is no longer the question because the app is always updated. Plus instead of buying the entire software package you are just “renting,” as Mr. Strauss puts it, what you need – improving affordability.

So what was Mr. Strauss’ number 1 reason to move to the cloud? The cloud can make your life easier. Why? Your data and applications will be accessible as needed by your team from anywhere and at anytime…and from any device.

The time is right to take that next step to get your business on track to benefit from the strengths of the cloud.