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How Can Your Business Use Watson?

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With our Brews with IBM Watson seminar coming up on September 17th (there is still time to register!), we thought we would highlight a recent article from Conner Forest of ZDNet, “IBM Watson: What are companies using it for?”

In the article, Mr. Forest walks through five examples of how the power of IBM Watson is being used to produce real business results:

  • Healthcare – perhaps the most well-known, Mr. Forest writes, “Watson has taken residence at three of the top cancers hospitals in the US — Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, and the Mayo Clinic — where it helps with cancer research and patient care.”
  • Finance – several companies so far are utilizing Watson’s “question and answer” capabilities to deliver financial guidance and manage risk
  • Legal – Watson is helping to store and sift through vasts amount of legal information to deliver answers to specific user questions
  • Retail – Mr Forest highlights, “modern retail experiences are all about personalization.” Apps with Watson’s NLP capabilities engage customers better during the buying cycle and Watson is also being used to manage preferences and deliver offers in  in the travel industry
  • Fantasy Football – “Coach Watson” analyzes NFL stats and data to help fantasy football fans manage their teams this season

IBM Watson has evolved from a Jeopardy contestant to a practical, innovative tool that empowers businesses across many industries. These examples are just the start of what Watson can do.