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IBM Reflects on Cloud in 2015

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IBM Thoughts on Cloud recently conducted a Twitter chat to gather opinions on the biggest stories and developments in 2015 around cloud, mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT).  Kevin Allen summarizes the lead cloud findings below:


Many on the Twitter chat felt that “containers are here to stay.” As 2015 has progressed more enterprises are using them. Mr Allen describes the adoption as “ubiquitous” and IBM Fellow Jason McGee says, “Containers are everywhere. They are dominating the current landscape and are changing the way we think about how apps are deployed.”

Hybrid Cloud

Mr. Allen writes, “It seems like every year for the past few years someone has declared it The Year of Hybrid Cloud. But are we really there? Has a hybrid approach become the norm? Are we well past The Year of Hybrid Cloud, or is it yet to come?” Opinions are mixed; some feel cloud has grown so fast and covers so many solutions that it doesn’t make sense to declare a year for any one part of the technology and others feel the groundwork is now laid to bring hybrid to more enterprises and that hybrid is a key cloud trend.

Data Security

Again Jason McGee is quoted in Mr. Allen’s article, “Interestingly, most of the high profile security breaches involved internal non-cloud IT problems. Enterprises are starting look to cloud to help with security given the rigorous processes and standardized environments.” In 2015 cloud has turned from a data security concern to a solution for better data security.

Open Source

2015 set the stage for the key “elements” of open cloud architecture. From Open Stack to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation to Swift the foundations have been laid  and IBM expects that in 2016 it will all come together to form a “consistent programing and operating model.”


If you are a developer yourself you are probably already feeling the change, but IBM points out that developers are becoming more responsible for the entire life cycle.  The job has changed from writing code to also understanding cloud and being part of the larger development and evolution of an application.

It is an interesting Twitter chat on 2015 and cloud trends to watch. You can check it out in full here. Share your own thoughts on how cloud has evolved in your organization this year.