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Big Data Analytics Trends for 2016

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Today let’s look at what is in the news for big data analytics trends and what industry leaders are predicting for 2016.

First, David Weldon of Information Management writes, “Data analytics remained one of the most important areas of technology investment throughout 2015, and industry analysts agree the same will hold true in 2016.”

Big data trends from his article are:

  • More businesses will seek out value in all data
  • Platforms that support “data in motion” will evolve
  • Demand for “big data made easy” will drive platforms to simplify
  • Hadoop will be used for more enterprise critical workloads

Venture Beat reports the growth in machine learning will be a key driver in the big data industry, “Machine analytics will be the fastest growing area of big data, which will have CAGR greater than 1000%. As digital transformation grows, so does the reliance on new software and architectures. Today, software is not only driving business processes, but entire business models, and the need to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot applications in real-time has never been more critical. Thus, the need for speed, full-stack visibility, and agility — all in real-time — is the true business demand underpinning the growth of machine data analytics.” Machine learning will drive changes in DevOps, bring to light the importance of log management and new software-based architectures will grow that better utilize the processing power of public and private clouds. Finally, business intelligence will change from “rear-window” analytics to continuous big data analytics in real-time.

Hema Reddy of IBM’s Big Data Hub writes, “Big data is the world’s newest natural resource. The value of big data is self-evident, and the need for powerful analytics capable of delivering that value is pressing in the business environment. Business leaders no longer question whether value is to be found in data; instead, they wish only to learn how to extract that value to understand their customers and meet critical business needs.”  In 2016 companies will continue to look for platforms that allow them to extract value from analytics including rich media such as video and images. Predictive analytics will continue to be important as a means to drive efficiency and finally big data growth in the cloud will continue.

Data is everywhere and in 2016 more companies will find better ways to capture it and analyze it to drive innovation.