Enterprise Data Center Trends

Each year the Uptime Institute surveys 1,000 IT leaders to gather current enterprise data center trends. In recent weeks they have released their 2017 research results.  Today let’s take a look at some of the findings. Enterprise Data Centers Surprising to some in light of all the hype around cloud, 65% of workloads still reside … Continue reading “Enterprise Data Center Trends”

We Are Evolving Solutions

This has been an exciting week! Our company has launched new tools, including a refreshed website, so we can better communicate how our IT solutions help our clients overcome technology challenges.  Here are some highlights. Tech. No Babble. That’s Evolving Solutions. Our clients view us as a trusted technology advocate and partner, because we take … Continue reading “We Are Evolving Solutions”

CIOs Share Network Improvement Tips

Improving your networking solution can enhance performance and make data and applications more secure. A recent Forbes article gathered the following network improvement tips from leading CIOs. Look to software not just hardware. CIOs are finding that hardware only improves bandwidth so far and are now leveraging software-defined network (SDN) solutions and network functions virtualization … Continue reading “CIOs Share Network Improvement Tips”