Common Myths About IBM Watson

IBM Watson continues to impact the world around us. No longer just a contestant on Jeopardy, Watson is a cognitive computing solution that can analyze massive amounts of data to provide insights for industries such as health care, finance, retail and many more.   IBM Watson’s cognitive computing capabilities can help businesses big and small discover … Continue reading “Common Myths About IBM Watson”

Get Ready for Big Data Analytics

The right big data analytics solution can drive insights that help your business thrive. A successful big data project starts with a solid understanding of your data and data center infrastructure coupled with a clear corporate data strategy. Assess your data A big data analytics solution alone doesn’t guarantee amazing insights. The data feeding into … Continue reading “Get Ready for Big Data Analytics”

Software-Defined Storage Improves Data Management

IDC research indicates that over the next decade there will be a growing use of server rich storage architectures leveraging software-defined storage.  Let’s learn more about this approach. What is software-defined storage? Software-defined storage is about separating storage features and functions away from the physical storage device.   It provides automated policy-based management that can help … Continue reading “Software-Defined Storage Improves Data Management”