Forces Shaping Cognitive Computing

Cognitive computing has the power to accelerate, enhance and scale human expertise.  According to IBM, these six factors – society, technology, perception, information, policy and skills – are shaping how the technology advances.  Below is a brief summary of each factor: Society – consumers will continue to demand more intelligent machines and it is expected … Continue reading “Forces Shaping Cognitive Computing”

IT Project Management Tips

Is your team kicking off another project before year-end? Here are some IT project management tips to help. IT Project Kick-off Perhaps the most exciting phase of a new IT project (aside from when it is complete, of course!), those first meetings to get a new project in motion has everyone on the team energized. … Continue reading “IT Project Management Tips”

IBM z14 Pervasive Encryption Strength vs Prior Platforms

Evolving Solutions Perspective – IBM z14 pervasive encryption strength versus the IBM z13 server platform and prior platforms. Pervasive Encryption is an approach where the enterprise implements encryption for their Application Data (Sequential Datasets, VSAM), their Database Data (DB2, IMS/DB) and all network traffic entering or exiting their Large Systems server. As a reminder, clients … Continue reading “IBM z14 Pervasive Encryption Strength vs Prior Platforms”

Common Myths About IBM Watson

IBM Watson continues to impact the world around us. No longer just a contestant on Jeopardy, Watson is a cognitive computing solution that can analyze massive amounts of data to provide insights for industries such as health care, finance, retail and many more.   IBM Watson’s cognitive computing capabilities can help businesses big and small discover … Continue reading “Common Myths About IBM Watson”