Network Trends: Micro-Segmentation

“Network segmentation isn’t new. Companies have relied on firewalls, virtual local area networks (VLAN) and access control lists (ACL) for network segmentation for years. With micro-segmentation, policies are applied to individual workloads for greater attack resistance,” writes Ann Bednarz of Network World. Network micro-segmentation is the process of applying network segmentation to an individual data … Continue reading “Network Trends: Micro-Segmentation”

Tips to Optimize Data Center Storage for Big Data

Mary Shacklett of Tech Republic recently remarked, “Storage is an often-overlooked area, but with the increase in big data, it’s worth paying attention to.” She further explains that in her experience, instead of looking for underutilized data center storage, many managers simply purchase more. Big data injects more volume and complexity into your data center storage solution … Continue reading “Tips to Optimize Data Center Storage for Big Data”

Benefits of IT Managed Services

Today’s IT teams wear many hats and are typically stretched at capacity or even beyond.  This leaves little time to step away from day-to-day data center operations to focus on driving innovation and supporting new revenue streams.  The rapid adoption of new technology further taxes employees, as the team struggles to become subject matter experts … Continue reading “Benefits of IT Managed Services”

Hyperconverged Infrastructure in 2018

“Enterprises are shifting storage investments from legacy architectures to software-defined systems in an effort to achieve greater agility, easier provisioning and lower administrative costs. Hyperconverged systems – which combine storage, compute and network functionality in a single virtualized solution – are on their radars,” writes Ann Bednarz for Network World. Ms. Bednarz provides a look … Continue reading “Hyperconverged Infrastructure in 2018”

Top Data Center Trends

In the coming years, as new technology and applications place more demands on the data center, IT leaders will be looking to modernize and adopt solutions that allow for maximum flexibility, agility and efficiency. Today’s let’s look at the top data center trends from IDC: Increased data center modernization: IDC predicts that 55% of enterprises … Continue reading “Top Data Center Trends”