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Financial Options

At Evolving Solutions, we understand that our customers need flexible financing alternatives from which to choose. In line with our customer commitment to develop the best possible business continuity planning and management solutions, we have aligned with IBM Global Finance to provide a series of financing options which extend an outstanding measure of latitude and flexibility in devising the optimum acquisition method for a given transaction.

Evolving Solutions Account Executives are trained to offer these financing options to customers in need of disaster backup and data recovery solutions as each unique instance dictates. This allows our customers to benefit in one or more of the following ways:

  • Conserve cash flow and capital
  • Secure more competitive financing than available through a bank
  • The ability to implement the latest technology enables and maintains competitive advantage
  • Transacting business with a reliable, stable financing source

Our wide range of financing offerings includes the following options:

Operating Lease - the most popular alternative. Depending upon the equipment being leased, customers can receive a 3, 4 or 5-year operating lease. At the conclusion of the lease, the equipment can be returned or the lease can be renewed.

Capital Lease - essentially a "full payout" lease. No loan fees, no closing costs, no compensating balances and in many cases, no down payments. The typical option is 36 payments spread over 3 years with title transferring to the customer at the end of the lease.

Soft Financing - Customers can finance the entire solution provided by Evolving Solutions, Inc. including software and services. The finance rate is different from the hardware rate and is typically a 3, 4 or 5 year term. Customers receive a single invoice for all products and services.

Mid Lease Options - Things change. Customers may decide that they want to purchase the equipment, upgrade, add new equipment or even sub-lease the equipment. Lease extension or termination options (with applicable charges) are also possible.

From business continuity planning and management provider Evolving Solutions, you will receive timely assistance in developing flexible and tailored financial options for your transaction. To learn more about leasing options or a specific type of program we will tailor for your business, please joel.w@evolvingsol.com or call us at Evolving Solutions, Inc. (763-516-6500 or 800-294-4362).