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Mike Keeler

Professional Services ManagerMike-0064-2nd-052412.jpg

Mike has worked in the computer industry since the days of punched card and paper tape and has advanced his skills as the industry has matured. During those years he has focused primarily on storage, disaster recovery and backup. He was worked as a test technician, field service engineer, technical support engineer, storage consultant and solutions architect. This experience has prepared him for his current role as the Professional Services Manager at Evolving Solutions.

As PS Manager, Mike oversees the consulting, architect, project management and integration teams at Evolving Solutions. He is responsible for the daily activities of those teams which focus on assisting our customers in deploying, managing and maintaining our “Best of Breed” solutions. Mike believes that it is as important to educate our customers on our solutions as it is to deploy them in the first place. He believes in transparency and working closely with our customers.