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January 27, 2005

Evolving Solutions and Sencor Announce Strategic Partnership

Move Medical Imaging Center Storage from Film to Digital with SENCOR DICOM Compliant Medical Archive Software and Evolving Solutions Data-on Demand Storage Deployment Services

Minneapolis, MN - January 27, 2005 - Software Engineering Corporation (SENCOR), developer of Medical Archive Software, and Evolving Solutions, a data-on demand provider, today announced a strategic relationship to distribute medical image storage and archival solutions to US-based hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers.

Under the terms of the relationship, the two companies will together deploy medical image storage and distribution software integrated with hardware that meets today's data on-demand and patient protection compliance requirements.

"Medical imaging needs are becoming more and more complex with customers demanding medical image storage solutions that meet financial, technical, operational and regulatory requirements," stated John Paumen, SENCOR vice president of sales and marketing. "The SENCOR/Evolving Solutions partnership will cost-effectively give medical organizations the ability to access patient medical images faster than previously imagined."

Along with the equitable price tag, the SENCOR and Evolving Solutions strategic partnership facilitates seamless transition from medical film storage to a more manageable and reliable digital storage environment.

"When Evolving Solutions combines its Data-on demand philosophy with the SENCOR DICOM Compliant Medical Archive Software, fixed content storage management features will 'point' from the most previous place of image storage to the most current storage residence," stated Jaime Gmach, Evolving Solutions president. "Ultimately, with the combined solution, medical organizations will worry less about where patient image data is stored."

Together SENCOR and Evolving Solutions are committed to bring medical organizations, with complex image storage needs, the best, most cost-effective data on-demand storage solutions that will meet and exceed today's compliance requirements.

About Sencor
Software Engineering Corp. (SENCOR) is a leading provider of DICOM 3.0 compliant medical archive and image distribution solutions based on its Content Addressable Storage Server. The SENCOR Medical Archive (SMA) allows organizations to store, query, retrieve, distribute and manage digital images over a large geographical area.