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August 3, 2006

Disaster Recovery Planning, Backup and Recovery Solutions? Evolving Solutions Explains How to Protect Your Business from Catastrophe

Minneapolis, MN, August 4, 2006 - Evolving Solutions, an IT storage architect providing data on demand, storage consolidation and disaster recovery solutions, explains how businesses can protect themselves from the unthinkable - loss of data due to natural disasters or human error.

Evolving Solutions offers disaster recovery planning services to encourage businesses to think about the implications of potential data loss, no matter how unlikely or remote the possibility may seem.

"The time to plan for a disaster is before it happens," said Chris Taylor, Director of Professional Services and Solution Sales at Evolving Solutions. "Companies that do prepare for a potential catastrophe reduce the overall impact on their business and shorten downtime when system outages occur."

Evolving Solutions' approach for disaster recovery planning is to create a storage environment including backup and recovery capabilities that allow companies to:
  • Adapt and respond quickly
  • Maintain business uptime
  • Enable growth

Evolving Solutions' disaster recovery solutions enable multiple paths to data and data backup systems. Disaster recovery solutions from Evolving Solutions make use of remote mirror features on the DS4000 product family, which allow for a backup copy of corporate data files. Backup copies of data files are stored on a virtual tape library. Using Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), backup files are then migrated from the virtual tape library onto tape as the information ages and is accessed less frequently.

"Business continuity is critical to an organization's success," said Taylor. "Hurricane Katrina has shown us how important it is to be prepared for an unexpected catastrophe."

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