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December 7, 2006

Data On Demand Expert, Evolving Solutions, Addresses Key Business Issues with ITxRAY

New Service Provides Snapshot View of Datacenter Environments

Evolving Solutions launches its new ITxRAY service, which provides a snapshot view of an organization’s system infrastructure to help businesses address compliance, optimize storage & server usage and reduce overall costs

Minneapolis, MN, December 7, 2006 - Evolving Solutions, a data on demand and storage virtualization expert, has launched ITxRAY, a new service designed to provide businesses with a snapshot view and analysis of their current datacenter environment.

Evolving Solutions’ new service “X Rays” businesses’ datacenter environment and provides a detailed inventory of your servers/hosts, storage, applications, services running, and other mission critical data.

“Sometimes, businesses don’t know there’s a problem or that they could be operating more efficiently,” said Chris Taylor, Director of Professional Services and Solution Sales, Evolving Solutions. “Organizations can now come to Evolving Solutions for an ITxRAY like patients would go to a doctor,”

Evolving Solutions uses the in-depth picture provided by ITxRAY to address key business issues faced by today’s CIOs and IT professionals. Properly addressing these issues can reduce overall costs while optimizing and improving service levels for customers and the organization as a whole.

The biggest challenges faced by today’s IT professionals that can be addressed using ITxRAY include:
  • Under-utilized Servers & Storage
  • Compliance
  • RTO/RPO do not meet changing business climates
  • Redundant software licenses
  • Data retention policies are not enforced or in place at all
  • Business Continuity risks
  • Servers and clients exposed to security threats and risks
  • Inconsistent software & hardware levels
  • Unnecessary applications and services running on servers
  • Servers/IT assets used for “non-business” related activities

"Compliance is an ongoing issue for many companies,” said Larry Letsinger, Solutions Sales Executive at Evolving Solutions, “while ITxRAY cannot confirm whether a company is in compliance with a specific regulation, it can highlight the compliance gaps in the system and offer ways to prepare for a compliance audit.”

Evolving Solutions was named last month as a finalist in Upsize Magazine’s Business Builders Awards for Best Practices in Technology and Innovation for their agentless, non-intrusive ITxRAY datacenter analysis tool.

For more information on ITxRAY and to request an ITxRAY of your company’s datacenter environment, visit http://www.evolvingsol.com/itxray.html