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August 8, 2007

Evolving Solutions Proudly Offers Powerful New Data Replication Solution in Collaboration With Partner NetApp

ReplicatorX will allow Evolving Solutions customers to achieve migration from any data storage device to any storage device, regardless of brand or physical distance

Minneapolis, MN - August 8, 2007 - Evolving Solutions, a leading storage consolidation and server virtualizaton provider, has announced its new offering of ReplicatorX data replication solutions in collaboration with partner NetApp.

"NetApp's ReplicatorX solutions are revolutionary in the sense that our customers will now be able to share data between any brand of data storage devices, whether they reside in the same room, state, or even country," states Chris Taylor, Evolving Solutions Director of Professional Services and Solution Sales.

Before ReplicatorX, data migration could be a financially daunting trial for firms of any size. Larger firms would face the challenge of sharing data between globally spread servers. Smaller firms, meanwhile, would face the hurdle of making costly upgrades to secondary storage devices to sync with the primary server.

ReplicatorX will minimize financial concerns of smaller firms by allowing data to easily synch between large, primary storage devices to smaller, less expensive devices, while simultaneously making the concerns of sharing data on a global scale a thing of the past for larger firms.

"We're proud to announce this new offering that will help our clients, big and small, achieve their IT goals," continues Taylor. "ReplicatorX ensures an efficient solution for our customers most pressing IT needs."