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November 8, 2007

Is Tape Dead As A Data Backup and Recovery Solution? Asks Evolving Solutions

Expert insights offered in article, and gathered in exclusive survey, offer insights on data and storage consolidation that are resonating throughout the IT industry

Minneapolis, MN November 8, 2007 - Evolving Solutions, a leading data backup and recovery and storage consolidation provider is sharing crisp new thoughts on data backup with the article and corresponding survey “Is Tape Dead?”

“Is Tape Dead?”, penned by Evolving Solutions Director of Professional Services Chris Taylor, delves into the current and evolving mind swell surrounding data backup and recovery. By shining a light on the very realistic pros and cons to both tape and disc storage techniques, Taylor helps solidify a creative and practical approach to data storage that includes both.

“One way to address both the need for faster restores and a solution for longer term storage and archiving of data is to utilize both tape and disk,” states Taylor in the article. “For example, critical backup data can be stored on disk for rapid restore, a copy of the critical data can be copied to tape, and less critical data can be staged to disk and then written directly to tape. Using this method, less critical data can be staged to tape over time while mission critical data is available for rapid restore.”

Taylor’s article is striking a chord throughout the industry. According to recent survey results compiled by Evolving Solutions, a large percentage of leading IT decision makers are heeding this combination approach, and seeing not only better data management, but disaster preparedness.

In evaluating their firm’s individual data backup and recovery needs however, decision makers always must first answer the question of practicality. For example, how critical a component is tape storage to their data storage solution when paired with newer disk storage technologies?

While firms ponder this, how does Taylor answer his over-arching question, Is Tape Dead?

“Tape isn’t dead; it has just changed its positioning in the lifecycle of data storage,” continues Taylor.

“Going forward the IT firms who balance a powerful collaboration between these two solutions will be those that most effectively match the right service levels to the appropriate costs associated with the value placed on the data.”