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January 15, 2008

Server Virtualization Provided by Evolving Solutions Cuts Time Spent on Internal IT by Nearly 90%

Since implementing server virtualization provided by Evolving Solutions, Fishbowl Solutions finds their employees spend less than 1% of their time on internal IT problems

Minneapolis, MN January 15th, 2008 - Evolving Solutions, a leading server virtualization and storage consolidation provider, has architected a full enterprise data solution allowing employees of Fishbowl Solutions to cut their time spent on internal IT issues by nearly ninety percent.

In today’s complex and dynamic IT environment, efficient internal IT is paramount. Fishbowl Solutions, a leading technology consulting and software development firm for the manufacturing industry, implemented server virtualization from Evolving Solutions to meet their clients’ expectations.

Problem: Increased management of day-to-day internal IT projects was infringing on time spent with customers.
As Fishbowl Solutions continue to expand and grow, management of day-to-day internal IT projects was taking more time. Fishbowl employees wanted to spend more time working with their customers and less time on IT however lack of common commands, slow restore times and time spent on server configuration had increased the amount of time necessary to manage their IT environment.

“Prior to working with Evolving Solutions, our employees spent 10-15% of their time managing IT, minimizing the time spent with our customers,” states Tim Gruidl, CEO of Fishbowl Solutions.

Solution: Virtual Machine Storage using Server Virtualization solution architected by Evolving Solutions
“We weren’t going to make a decision without seeing how the solution worked,” continues Gruidl. “Evolving Solutions was able to give us that comfort level by providing us with a proof of concept in their Business Partner Innovation Center.

By storing virtual machine files on shared storage, Fishbowl Solutions was able to not only efficiently monitor and manage their IT environment, but afford the time necessary to develop a roadmap towards future expansion.

The centralized storage also provided higher availability with faster restore times and servers could be configured and implemented within minutes instead of hours. Another benefit was reducing "management overhead" and unnecessary internal IT spending.

“I’m relieved that Fishbowl employees can focus on what they do best – delivering quality services to our customers,” said Tim Gruidl.

For further information, download the Fishbowl Solutions Success Story.

About Fishbowl Solutions
Fishbowl Solutions (www.fishbowlsolutions.com), founded in 1999, is a national leader in partnering with its clients to deliver innovative and effective services and solutions that provide competitive advantages to companies using Oracle® Universal Content Management and PTC® Pro/ENGINEER®, Pro/INTRALINK®, and PDMLink™. Its unparalleled industry and technology expertise; its solid reputation for on-time delivery, value-added results and enhanced ROI; and its clear-thinking, accountable and knowledgeable people differentiate Fishbowl Solutions.