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October 19, 2010

Evolving Solutions Launches Evolving View – New Suite of Services for Enhanced Data Center Performance

Evolving Solutions is expanding its data center service offerings with the launch of Evolving View, a suite of professional services designed to optimize data center performance and expedite IT projects.

Hamel, MN, October 19, 2010 – Evolving Solutions, a leading provider of data center management solutions, has announced the launch of Evolving View, a suite of professional services designed to optimize data center performance and increase IT efficiencies.

Evolving View comprises three core service offerings – Discovery, Optimization and Tracking – that leverage data center diagnostics to improve overall productivity and performance.

Evolving View does not require the installation of an agent on your network; it is completely non-intrusive. Discovery is the keystone of Evolving View and is implemented either independently or as the first phase of the Optimization and Tracking services.

“Evolving View enables us to help our clients become more efficient in their IT environments,” said Mike Keeler, Professional Services Manager, Evolving Solutions. “By capturing the data needed to provide a detailed view of a client’s environment, we can pinpoint where changes need to be made to meet specific business goals.”

The Discovery service provides the client with a detailed audit of their current physical inventory, so that they can better determine where to make improvements in day-to-day operations.

With Optimization and Tracking services, Evolving Solutions looks for ways to improve data center productivity and performance. Optimization provides insight into system performance and utilization to help clients get more from what they have. Tracking monitors the data center environment over time and looks for trends in usage.

“Evolving View enhances our capabilities to provide our clients an end-to-end data center management solution,” said Jaime Gmach, President, Evolving Solutions. “We use diagnostic data to design IT solutions for real business challenges – and that’s where our clients see true value.”

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