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Server Virtualization
IT professionals dream of robust networking environments that exist in a dynamically expanding and contracting dream world. They want their networking environments to be capable of processing weekly payroll, end of month commissions and end of year accounting. This kind of server "morphing" is possible through Server Virtualization.
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Lower Total Cost of Ownership with NAS Consolidation
One of the most significant factors in lowering IT total cost of ownership today is to simplify and enhance the utilization of both servers and storage in complex IT infrastructures.

Many organizations experience common business challenges that complicate their storage management and maintain high costs and redundancies.  By implementing a NAS Consolidation solution, these organizations can solve common business problems and in turn, significantly reduce their total cost of ownership.
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A Case for Storage Virtualization
The concept of storage virtualization has been around for a number of years, but until recently, has not gained widespread acceptance. As with most revolutionary ideas it takes time for companies to become comfortable with the idea of placing another device into the heart of the data path between their storage and their servers.

The benefits of storage virtualization are many; a single point of management for all storage, increased storage utilization, standardized copy services, ease of data migration between storage devices, and a common set of multipath drives and tools. It is also a key enabler for Information Life Management (ILM) strategies by assisting with data movement between storage tiers.
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PC Today: Salvage Your Storage
Evolving Solutions Storage Architect, Doug Babcock, was recently interviewed in a PC Today article titled Salvage Your Storage.

Solving the problem of dwindling data storage space is growing into a tricky science for businesses of all sizes. One of the first steps to starting this ‘salvage’ is to understand your actual utilization rate.
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