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Evolving Solutions Architects Server Virtualization for Fishbowl

Summary of Business Problem
Fishbowl Solutions is a national leader in the software development and delivery of innovative software solutions to companies using the Oracle® Universal Content Management solutions and PTC® Solutions. Fishbowl focuses on helping their customers become more productive and profitable using these solutions through the resale of Oracle UCM and PTC solutions; implementation and integration services; customization and consulting services; and through the development of Fishbowl’s own add-on “off-the-shelf” product family for Oracle and PTC.

Fishbowl was experiencing issues with utilizing their Direct Attached Storage (DAS) on disparate servers in their primary data storage environment. One of the main concerns was the difficulty in monitoring the health of their servers and keeping track of system utilization. Fishbowl kept adding computers for new applications making the process of backing up each machine cumbersome. Because they did not have a dedicated IT staff, valuable employee time was invested in IT management rather than helping clients and providing customer service. Fishbowl also had the goal of doubling its size in the next 1-2 years meaning the current infrastructure was not large enough and needed to be robust enough to support that goal.

Realizing they needed to upgrade to an enterprise solution for improved functionality and control, Fishbowl turned to Evolving Solutions. “I did a lot of research into the options available,” said Tim Gruidl, CEO of Fishbowl, “but it wasn’t coming together as a solution. The Evolving Solutions team combined my compartmentalized areas of understanding into a comprehensive solution.”

Evolving Solutions consultants developed a solution and implementation plan utilizing Network Appliance and VMware technologies to enable a virtualization-based infrastructure for storing virtual machine files on shared storage. With a solution design that encompassed redundancy and higher availability with centralized storage, the solution would allow Fishbowl to monitor their IT environment and provided a roadmap for future expansion.

The recommended solution included installation of a VMware ESX Server on a Network Appliance FAS920C storage array to supply advanced business continuity protection at lower cost, and provide high availability for critical applications.

VMware ESX Server virtualizes processors, memory, storage and networking resources into multiple virtual machines, giving Fishbowl greater hardware utilization, flexibility and ease of management. VMware ESX Server enables management of the entire virtualized IT environment to use a straightforward Web interface. With the Network Appliance FAS920C storage array, Evolving Solutions delivered faster disk for improved performance, and disk redundancy to prevent unplanned system outages.

Outcome and Benefits
After architecting the solution, Evolving Solutions invited Fishbowl into their Business Partner Innovation Center (BPIC) to witness first-hand how the VMware solution would work within their storage environment. “What really sold us on Evolving Solutions was the ability to go into their BPIC and get our hands dirty,” said Tim Gruidl. “We weren’t going to make a decision without seeing how the solution worked. Evolving Solutions was able to give us that comfort level via providing us with a proof of concept in their BPIC.”

Since implementing the Evolving Solutions VMware on NetApp solution, Fishbowl has found their employees spend less than 1% of their time on administration, as opposed to 10 - 15% before the implementation. Overall management and administration has become much simpler. The centralized storage provides higher availability with faster restore times and servers can be configured and implemented within minutes instead of hours.

“We do not want to be an IT firm,” said Tim Gruidl. “I’m relieved that Fishbowl employees can focus on what they do best – delivering quality service to our customers.”

About Fishbowl Solutions
Fishbowl Solutions (www.fishbowlsolutions.com), founded in 1999, is a national leader in partnering with its clients to deliver innovative and effective services and solutions that provide competitive advantages to companies using Oracle® Universal Content Management and PTC® Pro/ENGINEER®, Pro/INTRALINK®, and PDMLink™. Its unparalleled industry and technology expertise; its solid reputation for on-time delivery, value-added results and enhanced ROI; and its clear-thinking, accountable and knowledgeable people differentiate Fishbowl Solutions

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