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The Lindgren Group

Improving Performance with Network Bandwidth Optimization

Aging Technology
Technology is not so dissimilar to people. As we age, we slow down and our performance decreases. The good thing about technology, however, is that it can be upgraded.

The Lindgren Group is a metal finishing company that operates out of three different facilities. It is important that all three facilities are in constant contact regarding the status of processes and customer orders. For years, the company had been relying on Intel-based servers to share data, but the aging infrastructure had started to slow down and productivity had begun to suffer. Sharing data across the network was cumbersome with file access slow. “It would take as long as 30 seconds to open a simple spreadsheet,” said Amy Gayer, Director of IT, Lindgren Group. "We did not have consistent visibility to sales figures. It was very difficult to manage our monthly goals."

Employee frustration with accessing data meant that the IT help desk was flooded with constant calls and they were unable to stay on top of all the IT issues. They had no visibility to network traffic and could not identify where bottlenecks were originating.

Speed = Productivity
The Lindgren Group asked Evolving Solutions to architect a solution that would speed up data access, enhance overall IT performance and act as a stepping stone towards a fully virtualized datacenter environment.

Evolving Solutions designed a centralized datacenter based on the integration of two RiverBed WAN optimization appliances. RiverBed technology is known for application acceleration, enabling IT consolidation, and providing enterprise-wide network and application visibility – all while eliminating the need to increase bandwidth, storage or servers.

The Lindgren Group began with a trial run. “We didn’t realize the true benefit of the solution until it was turned off at the end of our demo period,” said Gayer. “At that point, we knew there was no going back to what we had.”

The RiverBed solution allowed the Lindgren Group to provision servers more easily and gave them the flexibility they needed to access data more quickly. With servers based at both the Minneapolis and New Hope locations, the company no longer has to worry about performance bottlenecks.

IT support staff now has visibility to network traffic and bandwidth usage. They can identify how much traffic is Web surfing versus legitimate file sharing. With the ability to identify bottlenecks down to the individual user, IT staff can free up bandwidth and ensure that the network is operating efficiently.

“We were amazed by how easy it was to install,” said Gayer. “With our IT staff having so little time, it was imperative that we had a plug and play solution.”

On The Road To Virtualization
Implementing the RiverBed solution is a stepping stone towards a completely virtualized data environment. The Lindgren Group is looking to centralize its datacenter at the Minneapolis location with backup and recovery based in New Hope.

“There were concerns from facility managers that performance would suffer without the server being physically present on site,” said Gayer. “The success of the RiverBed solution has helped us gain buy-in for further virtualization in 2010.”

Summary of Benefits

  • Increased productivity, performance and overall operational efficiency
    • Work orders can be processed twice as fast
    • Flexibility to transfer and access data without bandwidth restrictions
    • Easy remote access to data
  • Justification for a virtualization initiative in 2010
  • Data backup and recovery is now possible without bandwidth issues
Our business is at a point now where we wouldn’t be able to function without the RiverBed solution,” said Gayer, “I don’t know what we would do without it.”

About The Lindgren Group
The Lindgren Group has been a recognized leader in the Metal Finishing Industry since 1971. Operating from three facilities (Avtec Finishing Systems, Metco Metal Finishing and Nico Products), the Lindgren Group offers services including chemical finishing, electroplating, mechanical finishing and laser part marking. http://www.thelindgrengroup.com

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