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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Delivers Better Customer Service

Evolving Solutions was approached by an Internet Services Provider in the Mid-West to virtualize their physical IT infrastructure.  The goal was to have their customer service reps working virtually from any location in case of a natural disaster or an issue that would threaten their physical data center.  They did not want their customer service to be compromised in any way because of the limitations of their physical infrastructure.

Evolving Solutions designed and implemented a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) that  leveraged the company's existing data center environment, built upon it and took it to the next level to reach their end goal.

The solution architected used equipment from IBM in addition to VMWare View.   Evolving Solutions added new IBM servers with a Fusion ioDrive2.  This allowed the data to be stored on the card and took the load away from the storage, which increased performance and enabled faster interaction for users.

The VDI solution allowed the client to save a significant amount of money by not having to leverage their Enterprise Storage array.  To put it in perspective, performance from one ioDrive2 provided the same performance as 225 disks in their Enterprise Storage array, which would have quickly increase costs.

As a result of the VDI solution, the company can now update, patch and recover systems more efficiently than before.  Users are more mobile and their systems operate with the same performance as having a local desktop.  The company is truly virtualized and well-prepared in the event of a disaster.

Initially, the client had talked about rolling out this solution to 60 users.  The Executive Management was so impressed with the results from Evolving Solutions that they made the decision to roll it out to an additional 600 users next year.