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Recertified IT Equipment

One of our core strengths has been to help companies find more efficient ways to manage their IT. We began in 1996 selling quality, recertified IT equipment to businesses that were looking for ways to improve the performance of their data center while keeping costs down. Today our goal and mission remain the same.

Purchasing new hardware isn’t always possible. Budgets are tight, you’re being squeezed to get everything you can out of the systems and your budget but you need to add a server or two or you need more storage and last year’s model can handle what you need, we can provide you with recertified equipment that can meet your needs.

Our recertified department purchases inventory from reputable sources. All hardware is tested before it goes into our warehouse insuring we have top quality products available to you. 

For more information about our recertified IT equipment, contact us at info@evolvingsol.com.