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Tivoli Storage Management
IBM Tivoli Storage Management protects your organization's data from hardware failures and other errors by storing backup and archive copies of data on offline storage. Scaling to protect thousands of computers running a dozen OS platforms, its intelligent data movement and store techniques, and complete automation, reduce administration costs while increasing service levels. Tivoli storage products are unmatched in providing a combination of scalability, intelligent data technology, disaster preparation, and broad platform and application support, all through one centralized, automated solution.

Tivoli Storage Resource Manager
IBM Tivoli Storage Resource Manager is an intelligent console for the storage environment that provides a set of policy-driven automated tools for managing storage capacity, availability, events, performance and assets in your enterprise environment, including DAS, NAS and SAN technologies.

Tivoli Storage Resource Manager monitors and reports on heterogeneous storage resources enterprise-wide to increase storage utilization, identify and resolve potential problems, and ensure application availability through policy-based automation. It can help you improve your storage ROI by enabling you to improve your storage utilization, reduce storage costs, manage more with the same staff and ensure application availability.

Tivoli Application Protection
The IBM Tivoli Application Protection solution supports a wide variety of today's business-critical applications-databases, ERP, mail and application servers-that must remain available 24x365. This gives you the peace of mind to know that your company's IT strategy will never be limited by its data storage capabilities.

Disaster Recovery
Designed to get your critical business systems up and minimize recovery time from any type of disaster that might affect your on-site storage. IBM Tivoli Disaster Preparation solution creates a disaster recovery plan and facilitates the tracking of off-site volumes. The recovery plan is integrated with and maintained on the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server. It contains detailed recovery steps and automated computer scripts.

IBM Tivoli storage solutions help you centrally manage all of your storage with confidence.