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Evolving Solutions Professional Services team offers integration services in our state of the art Integration Center. Our integration specialists average more than 10 years of industry experience and follow a detailed process that has been developed over the last 15 years. Our facility is designed to support orders ranging from a single device to more complex orders which may contain hundreds of devices.  Our goal is to prevent early life equipment failures such as DOA parts or firmware incompatibilities before they reach the customer. We are experts at integrating solutions involving multiple vendors into a single comprehensive solution.
Our integration process includes:
  • Hardware staging for integration in-house or delivery to the end-user
  • Configuration verification and system assembly following manufacturers recommended guidelines 
  • Firmware and microcode flashing to manufacturer recommended versions or to end-user requested requirements
  • Operating system and Hypervisor installation such as Windows, VMware, AIX, Linux, Xen, HP-UX etc
  • Application installation and configuration
  • System testing and burn-in using vendor diagnostic tools or end-user custom tools
  • Shipping and delivery of systems using standard or customized shipping methods to handle challenging equipment such as fully assembled rack mount cabinets, tape libraries and large storage arrays
  • Data center installation of systems, racks, storage at primary data centers or disaster recovery sites
  • Custom configuration upon request. We work with our customers to develop, document and maintain customized build specifications to meet their unique requirements. In many cases, this includes installation of standard or custom operating system and application build images.