A reliable extension of your technical team

Today more than ever, IT deals with more devices and fewer resources. To take some of the repetitive work off your hands, we offer a variety of IT Managed Services, such as backup and remote server monitoring, so your team can focus on more important tasks.

Why Evolving Solutions Managed Services?

  • Proactive: Our managed services team are experts at recognizing the early warning signs for potential disturbances and vulnerabilities to save you from future downtime.
  • Expertise: For many companies it’s difficult to introduce new technologies without hiring resources to manage those. We have the resources at your disposal and our team is highly credentialed on the solutions we offer.
  • Cost Savings: We help you save money on hardware and software infrastructure, maintenance, and internal resource costs that can add up quickly.

Managed Backups

Daily monitoring and management of the data backup process

  • Backup to and from various target locations (tape, VTL, cloud gateway and direct to cloud)
  • Manage tape movement and retention
  • Produce daily backup success reports
  • Assist with data restores as requested
  • Enhance data backup and recovery processes
  • Handle capacity planning and trend analysis

Remote Server Monitoring

Offsite automated server monitoring and custom event notifications

  • Customer alert system in case of issues, including solutions to fix
  • Notifications via email or SMS
  • Customizable escalation plans for each event
  • Uses a combination of our developed toolset and third party tools
  • Centralized management of multiple servers from a single system
  • Extensive set of infrastructure monitors available, including performance monitoring
  • Easily extendable framework allows additional monitors

Level 1 Service Desk

24/7 call center and ticketing for user initiated incidents

  • Level 1 initial call support
  • Fast live support – typically less than 30 second wait
  • Scripted call and ticket responses
  • Remediation steps available
  • Defined escalation plans by category

Level 2 Remote Admin

Response to incidents initiated by our monitoring tools or proactive administrative tasks

  • May include security administration or managing system jobs and utilities
  • Deals with user initiated incidents through ticketing system
  • Supports preliminary problem analysis
  • Handles system or environmental improvements

Managed Availability

Active management of high availability solution

  • Typically configured between sites and/or to cloud for recoverability
  • Includes data center hardware or logical replication
  • May require active management to ensure data synchronization
  • Yearly practice switchover, including required planning and coordination
  • Assistance with system recovery during unplanned events
  • Can be combined with other IT managed services

Engineering Services

Advanced Level 2 incident response or proactive planning assistance

  • Separates less common tasks with inconsistent durations
  • Defined under a general IT managed services contract or billed per incident
  • Includes data center health checks and assessments
  • Handles capacity planning and trend analysis
  • Initiated by customer through a ticket or as part of a larger project
  • Includes problem resolution and performance bottleneck troubleshooting
  • Example of managed services: OS upgrades, patches, expanding resources, installing new software, enabling new services, implementing new procedures, product and procedure testing