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Project Management

Evolving Solutions provides a structured Project Management offering for customers designed to enhance and strengthen project efficiencies and capabilities on our portfolio of solutions.  Project Management will be delivered through a series of initial meetings to document the scope of the project and determine timelines and stakeholders.  Each project will be managed through regular meetings to keep schedules on track and log milestones as they are reached.

Our Project Management offerings involve creating a comprehensive plan designed to clarify project goals and objectives for our clients.  The Professional Services team can discuss the Project Management option with you to determine if it might be beneficial for successfully completing your company's projects.

See our Solutions and Services pages to view a complete list of projects we manage for your data center.  We also manage additional projects that are unique to your business environment.  Our staff is trained by the Project Management Institute, and is certified with the important PMP designation.

Call us today to discuss upcoming, current and ongoing projects in your data center, our team will work with you to bring your projects to completion and meet your overall objectives.