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Software License Audits

At Evolving Solutions we recognize how time consuming and difficult it is to maintain a current software license inventory. Customers are often caught off guard when audited by vendors and face the daunting task of collecting voluminous license information to prove compliance or face large fines.

Evolving Solutions can both minimize the impact of the audits and assist customers with maintaining a current inventory of their licenses. We utilize both vendor specific and our proprietary Evolving Solutions View tool to collect, organize and report on software running on every server in your environment. While some vendor specific tool require agent deploy, Evolving Solutions View does not. We have the ability to collect information even within a virtualized or micro partitioned environment to help the customer accurately determine licensing costs.

We can provide licensing reports on both an ongoing basis or as during a remediation event like an audit. Most customers utilize our service on an annual basis, but we can provide reports as frequently as necessary. 

For more information about how Evolving Solutions can help you with Software License Audits, complete the following form.  We will contact you to schedule a meeting to discuss your environment and your needs.

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