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Evolving Solutions evaluates your data center, listens to your needs and then designs IT infrastructure solutions that will satisfy your requirements. Our sales and professional services staff are trained and believe in our mission of bringing you technology solutions that will meet your needs. Through hands on experience, the IT infrastructure solutions we provide are designed to help you get the most from the systems you have and allow you to expand when the time comes to add more capacity.

We are focused on helping you create the best, most cost-effective technology solutions for your business. Our solutions meet basic requirements and scale upward to meet the needs of your most challenging issues. We thrive on helping you be successful.

We offer a wide range of technology infrastructure solutions to fit your IT department’s needs, including:

Evolving Solutions provides data on demand, business continuity, cloud and virtualization solutions to help increase the efficiencies of your data center and increase your ROI.

Due to the complexity and the dramatic changes in computer technology, customers are now looking to build valuable partnerships rather than just choosing a product or a vendor. Evolving Solutions has a highly skilled team of certified professionals to help identify your needs and find the best overall IT infrastructure solution for you.