Asynchronous Replication

There are many data backup solution options for all of you organization’s needs. Evolving Solutions' professional consultants can help you understand if asynchronous replication is right for your business.

Asynchronous replication is a technique for replicating data between databases (or file systems) where the system being replicated does not wait for the data to have been recorded on the duplicate system before proceeding. For applications that are not mission-critical, asynchronous replication is an excellent option.

There is a buffering of replicated data that takes place in asynchronous replication which helps improve bandwidth utilization and drives lower costs.

Asynchronous replication supports five IT functions:
  • Business continuity
  • Content distribution 
  • Data migrations 
  • Load balancing 
  • Testing and development 

The ideal asynchronous replication solution comes when combining with synchronous replication or selectively utilizing the right method at the right time to leverage the cost and performance benefits of both.

To better understand how an asynchronous replication solution can help your organization, contact us today for more information.