Data Deduplication

Evolving Solutions can help you reduce your storage needs with a data deduplication solution to help eliminate redundant data. With data deduplication, only one unique instance of data is retained and all other instances of that particular piece of data is referenced back to one saved copy instead of multiple copies.

Data deduplication allows for your IT organization’s information growth while making your storage resources much more efficient.

Data deduplication is beneficial for other types of data backup, such as:
  • Data Replication – Deduplication helps reduce replication time and bandwidth. It also improves the recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) at the recovery site with an increased replication frequency.
  • Tape Backup – With deduplication, the increase of data retention on disk may lower the frequency of tape copies and off-site storage.

If you’re interested in how a data deduplication solution can work with your existing systems or if you want to dive into creating an effective data backup solution, please contact us today.