Synchronous Replication

Synchronous replication might be a good data backup solution for your business if your company is looking for extremely fast disaster recovery with minimal data loss. In a disaster recovery situation, synchronous replication provides quick response and protection against database integrity problems. Evolving Solutions has implemented various data backup solutions for our clients including synchronous replication.

Synchronous replication is a technique for replicating data between databases. The system being replicated waits for the data to be recorded on the duplicate system before proceeding. Synchronous replication ensures that a remote copy of the data, which is identical to the primary copy, is created at the time the primary copy is updated for quick data recovery.

Oftentimes, synchronous replication is used in conjunction with other forms of data backup including; asynchronous replication, data replication, deduplication and tape backup. For more information or to find out if synchronous replication is the right solution for you, contact Evolving Solutions today.