Cloud Services and Expertise


New technologies can be a challenge to implement for companies without resources, relationships and expertise.  As a technology partner, we have made investments to help our clients with their cloud needs and be an extension of their IT team.

Below are some of the key cloud services and expertise we offer.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

The cloud offers a lot of potential options for backing up and archiving data.   The cloud definitely can fulfill the offsite requirement for storing backup images.  However, care needs to be taken to be sure you meet any compliance requirements for storing personal information.   It's also important to make sure that access to your offsite data is controlled.

Cloud can also can reduce the need to manage the physical disk and tape media currently used.   This can open doors to new recovery options that can be moved between offices without having to move the physical media around.  This also reduces the delays in restoring data caused by waiting for media from offsite vendors.

Disaster Recovery

Any company that has done the work to prepare a disaster recovery plan knows that it is a complex process.   Adding in cloud based solutions isn't necessarily a quick and easy fix.   While you pay only for the cloud storage and compute resources you use, this still leaves all the same planning that is needed with conventional infrastructure.

  • What business services need to be protected?
  • What is the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) for each service?
  • What is the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for each service?
  • What cloud provider / software packages should be used?
  • Should you use the public cloud or build a private cloud?
  • The list of questions goes on and on...

Evolving Solutions can help build custom disaster recovery plans that fit the unique requirements for your business.   We can work with your IT experts to help find cloud options that make sense and provide value to your business.

Cloud Computing

The promises of cloud computing are the silver lining of reducing your IT assets, paying just for the performance and space you need and reducing your capital expenditures.  Cloud computing provides you with the ability to add more resources and then being able to scale back when your demand is less.

Cloud computing offers new ways to get the job done.   From desktops to laptops to tablets, cloud services are getting easier to access.   The challenge is integrating them to your standards to ensure your business data is protected.

Migrations into the Cloud

Like any other technology solution you won't know many of the challenges until after it is implemented.   The unique workloads and processes for your company may prevent you from having a "one size fits all" cloud solution.   It is important to be able to migrate your data between providers until you can find the right fit for your systems.

Evolving Solutions can help you get ahead of these challenges and prevent you from being locked into a specific cloud provider.  Our are a great way to verify that your workload is functional properly.

Cloud Hosting

We have developed a number of strategic partnerships with both public and private hosting providers to meet our client’s needs.  Our cloud experts can help to make sure you are aware of all costs of hosting prior to incurring them and they can be custom created to fit each client’s business requirements

Key Features

  • Monthly price point
  • Includes public, private or hybrid
  • Customized to use hardware you already have skills in


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