Server Consolidation

Evolving Solutions helps customers achieve server consolidation and virtualization within their existing environments in order to optimize their IT investments.

Our customers want their server networking environments to be capable of hassle-free processing on a daily basis. Without server consolidation most servers, even in extreme conditions, rarely reach maximum processing power. In a typical work environment, most servers rarely surpass ten percent utilization rate.
By investing in server consolidation, organizations can more efficiently utilize their existing servers. Consolidation takes advantage of under-utilized server capacity by creating an autonomic computing center, which provides effective solutions for most server environments.  Server consolidation and virtualization provide an effective road map for managing your information systems, regardless of size, processing demands, resource needs, time of day or night, or human availability.

Evolving Solutions has partnered with top server manufacturers to offer the best in server consolidation technology. Find out more about the products we use.
Evolving Solutions is proud to be a sponsor of the Minnesota Wild.  Learn how the Minnesota Wild incorporated our server consolidation solutions to help their corporate office be more efficient.

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