Energy Efficient Data Center

Building a Green Data Center

Environmentally friendly data centers are on the rise and Evolving Solutions can help identify areas of your IT organization to be greener and more energy efficient. Although building a green data center may seem to be cost prohibitive, the long-term cost savings are invaluable. Evolving Solutions’ professional consultants can help you identify areas for improvement in moving towards green IT, including the following:
  • Evaluate equipment and performance
  • Evaluate overall energy efficiency
  • Provide data center virtualization recommendations
  • Review cooling systems

Not only will you reap the overall cost benefits of having a green data center, you will also be offering your employees a healthier and more comfortable work environment. In addition, green facilities can also have a positive impact on your relationships with the local community.

Are you interested in finding out how you begin to save energy by creating a green data center? Contact us to speak with one of our professional consultants and get started today.