Network Attached Storage

With data storage needs growing at a fast pace, organizations are encountering problems with poor storage utilization, high management overhead and uncontrollable costs.  Evolving Solutions works with you to determine how to effectively implement a Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution based on your needs.

Network Attached Storage is a great way to solve data storage scalability as well as availability challenges.  NAS provides a flexible and reliable data management solution that will allow your business to grow without jeopardizing availability. Some key benefits of a network attached storage solution are:

  • Simplified data and infrastructure manageability
  • Improved storage efficiency by eliminating underutilized file servers 
  • Support for CIFS and NFS to enable file sharing across Windows® and UNIX® environments 
  • Lower costs, higher utilization and reduced downtime 
  • Improved efficiency with minimized disruptions and satisfied business needs

Please contact us to find out how we can help you optimize your data storage management through a NAS solution. To see a real-life example, read a Network Attached Storage Customer Success Story.