Storage Area Networks

Whether you are a large enterprise or small business needing a data storage area solution, a Storage Area Network (SAN) may be an option for you. To help incorporate speed, security and efficiency for our clients’ data storage & backup solutions, Evolving Solutions has vast experience in recommending, creating and implementing a SAN storage solution based on your needs.

Not only does a Storage Area Network allow for storage simplification and flexibility, but a SAN helps increase data storage capacity utilization. When implemented properly, a SAN storage solution can help your company in many ways.
  • Saves on expensive hardware costs
  • Creates pools of storage 
  • Easier access to additional storage space 
  • Lowers energy consumption 
  • Reduces IT personnel workload 
  • Reduction in system downtime 
  • Quicker, more efficient disaster recovery

Storage Area Network solutions technology lets you store data across multiple servers with a level of efficiency unmatched by traditional options. Contact us today to find out how installing a storage area network can help your company have a cost-effective data storage solution.

Unsure how to proceed? See how other companies have benefited from implementing a SAN storage solution through Evolving Solutions.