Live Partition Mobility (LPAR)

Evolving Solutions is exclusively offering clients the opportunity to revolutionize their corporate IT infrastructures with server virtualization using IBM’s Live Partition Mobility and LPAR.

LPAR is a system architecture that provides the capability to divide a system's resources allowing independent operating systems to work concurrently on one server. LPAR allows the division of a single server into several completely independent logical partitions to act as separate servers.

Contract us to understand how Live Partition Mobility and LPAR create the elimination of planned downtime when our customers move an AIX or Linux partition to another POWER7 processor-based system. Our in-house professional team will work with you to help identify how Live Partition Mobility and LPAR can work for your organization.

Find out more about our virtualization solutions and LPAR capabilities. Contact us today to start streamlining your server resources.

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