What can Watson do for your business?

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We all remember Watson as a past Jeopardy contest many years ago. Fast-forward to the present and Watson has moved well beyond its game-show debut and is impacting industries all around us. The Verge writes, “Watson partnerships galore! In the last four months, the supercomputer has taken part in everything from fantasy football and natural gas operations, to diabetes prediction for people who shop at CVS pharmacies.”  Watson is built to mirror the same learning process that humans have—through the power of cognition. What drives this process is a common cognitive framework that humans use to inform their decisions:  observe, interpret, evaluate, and decide.

Headlines and stories in recent months include:

“How IBM Watson will impact our fight against cancer” The Washington Post reports  Watson is helping move the medical industry to “personalized medicine for cancer patients everywhere based on their unique genomic profile.”

“We’ve been giving Watson eyes,” The New York Times Bits blog reports as Watson recently made a key move to add image analysis and recognition into its healthcare capacities.

And it’s not just healthcare, “IBM Watson to Help Cities Run Smarter” reports eweek.  It is also playing a role in advancing robotics and don’t forget Chef Watson.  Also relevant to many of us this time of year, “Coach Watson” (Wired) could become a key member of your fantasy football team.

Want to learn more about what IBM Watson can do for your business? Join us September 17thfor our seminar Brews with IBM Watson: The Future of Technology.  Evolving Solutions leaders and IBM will be discussing Watson at Day Block Brewing Company in Minneapolis with a special focus on the healthcare industry. Register today.

Brews with Watson

Evolving Solutions Wins Top IBM Business Partner Award

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Evolving Solutions Awarded
The Evolving Solutions team at the 2015 IBM Edge Conference in Las Vegas.

We have exciting news! During the 2015 IBM Edge Conference in Las Vegas last week, Evolving Solutions was awarded the IBM North America Systems Specialty Business Partner Winning Edge Award.

This award recognizes one IBM Business Partner in North America who has demonstrated superior leadership for both IBM System Storage and IBM Power Systems and who had made significant commitments to the IBM Power Systems and System Storage Specialty offerings.

Evolving Solutions was selected as the award winner based on several determining factors, including our commitment to IBM technology, growth over the past 12 months, technical excellence in delivering world-class infrastructure solutions and exceptional customer experience. Evolving Solutions achieved Business Partner Technical Vitality scores that were near  the top of  all IBM Systems Specialty Business Partners in North America.

“This is an incredible achievement for our company,” said Jaime Gmach, Evolving Solutions President, “and one that each of our employees should be very proud of. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for the passion and commitment of the entire Evolving Solutions team.”

Award - Evolving Solutions
Evolving Solutions President, Jaime Gmach, accepting the 2015 IBM North America Systems Specialty Business Partner Winning Edge Award.

IBM POWER8 Impacts Big Data

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According to an IBM study, 80% of CEOs depend on data to make decisions an. In addition, businesses using analytics are likely to outperform their peers by over 3 times. IBM has also found that 2.3 trillion gigabytes of data are created per day, and by 2015 40 times that amount will be generated. The numbers are staggering and the need for real-time business analytics and insights is growing.

In April, IBM announced its new Power Systems Servers built with POWER8 Processors which are designed for the big data era, producing business insights faster. IBM describes them, “the systems are built from the ground up to harness big data with the new IBM POWER8 processor, a sliver of silicon that measures just one square inch, which is embedded with more than 4 billion microscopic transistors and more than 11 miles of high-speed copper wiring.”

Not only are these new Power Systems expected to produce business insights 50x faster, but they also offer open technology and an open ecosystem to drive further innovation. In a Forbes interview, IBM Power Systems chief states, “open collaboration is where new ideas are being developed.”

Data Center Knowledge quotes Tom Rosamilia, Senior Vice President of IBM Systems and Technology Group, “This is the first truly disruptive advancement in high-end server technology in decades, with radical technology changes and the full support of an open server ecosystem that will seamlessly lead our clients into this world of massive data volumes and complexity.”

With all that power, you may be wondering are the POWER8 Processors efficient? IBM’s answer is yes. Not only can they help you more effectively analyze your company’s big data but they are also efficient:

Power 8 - IBM
Source: ibm.com

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