2013 Network Predictions

Zeus Kerravala of Network World shares with us his predictions for 2013 from a network solutions view point.

  • Software-Defined Networks (SDNs). Although Mr. Kerravala points out that media hype is high around SDN it is still new and network managers are still working to determine how they can be leveraged. 2013 will bring more research into this network solution and possible best practices developed.
  • Application Delivery Controller (ADC). Applications define the network so we should see ADC become part of SDN architecture.
  • Mobile Applications. More uniquely mobile applications that take advantage of location and GPS functionality will appear.
  • Network as a Platform. A concept discussed for years. Mr Kerravala points out that the rise of mobility, cloud computing and the Internet has driven up the value of the network in 2013.
  • Machine to Machine Communication (M2M). Mr. Kerravala predicts that in 2013 we will see a rise in M2M communication to “build a smarter planet” or connect the “Internet of Everything” and therefore drive M2M outside to different verticals and not just oil/gas and medical markets.
  • Digital Signage. New digital signs are becoming highly interactive, delivering custom content that changes with the user or transfer information to handheld devices. Mr. Kerravala points out that we should see more solutions developed in this area.

Liz Young

By Liz Young, Marketing Coordinator
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