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Energy Efficiency – A Hot Topic

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According to Jeff Clark of The Data Center Journal, it is now more expensive to operate a server over a lifetime than it is to outlay the initial capital for the server. With operating costs exceeding the capital expense it is no wonder that becoming an energy efficient data center is top of mind for many.

In his article Mr. Clark points to other reasons why energy is hot. For the government energy regulation continues to be a priority. Although details of how regulations will fall out are not known, it is a safe assumption that energy prices will continue to rise. The public has also taken a great interest in energy efficient companies which can yield marketing and brand benefits as well as cost savings. Finally, environmental stewardship is growing – the importance of using less and taking responsibility for the energy we use.

More cost savings in this economy have become the mantra of many data center teams. Energy use is a piece of that puzzle. Mr. Clark points to some projects that allow for less consumption such as, increased efficiency through server virtualization or less cooling costs by increasing the temperature at the data center facility.

Not all energy efficiency projects will be worthwhile. It is important to take a smart approach and evaluate the return on investment for each project before pursuing.