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Data Center Solutions: The Cloud

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Data-Center-Solutions-The-Cloud-150x150Bill Kleyman of Data Center Knowledge writes, “We’re beginning to move along in the cloud conversation. More organizations are seeing the benefits of moving towards some type of cloud infrastructure.” Cloud computing is becoming an important data center solution. Mr. Kleyman provides some key considerations to think about:

  • Data Migration and Control. Questions such as where is my data being stored, how will it be accessed and how do I keep control are important with any data center solution. Mr. Kleymann points to advances in cloud technology, such as new data loss prevention and more virtualization awareness, that have eased some of these concerns.
  • WAN, Cloud and Bandwidth. Mr. Kleyman writes, “One of the biggest challenges around the cloud is the understanding of how the WAN and bandwidth plays a role.” Even if the best cloud data center solution is in place, without proper WAN and bandwidth user experience suffers. He directs us to remember: number of uses connecting – concurrently, number of applications, desktops or workloads residing in the cloud, the amount of traffic to be pushed through the WAN and distance that the data has to travel.
  • Application compatibility in the cloud. With today’s cloud computing being more virtual aware it has created a simpler environment for application compatibility.
  • Finding the right cloud model. An organization or business challenge will have different cloud model needs. Today there are four models to pick from: private, public, hybrid and, the newest, community.

Finally, Mr. Kleyman reminds us to be diligent about the planning process. A cloud data center solution will only succeed through proper planning and implementation – think both short and long term.