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With Experience: Changing Cloud Concerns

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Joe McKendrick contributor to Forbes Magazine published an interesting article titled “Cloud Security Fears Diminish with Experience, Survey Shows.” Here is what he found:

A survey of 1000+ companies – 25% had no cloud experience and 22% were experience cloud users – showed that one third of respondents who do not use cloud computing site security as their top concern.  But, the survey found that as users gained more experience with the cloud, security moved further down the list of concerns – in fact moving to 5th place. Mr. McKendrick writes, “The reduced concern about security reflects a comfort level that increases as the time spent with cloud engagements increases. That doesn’t mean slacking off on security, of course — ultimately, security is the responsibility of the end-user company.”

For the respondents that have more experience with cloud computing, the survey found that compliance, cost and performance are top concerns as well as the challenges with managing multiple cloud services.

The survey also found that respondents are seeing cloud benefits more clearly in 2014 than in the previous year’s survey:

  • Higher availability, 48% reported this as a benefit in 2014 vs 41% in 2013
  • Geographic reach, 37% in 2014 vs 32% in 2013
  • Cost savings, 34% in 2014 vs 30% in 2013
  • Business continuity, 34% in 2014 vs 28% in 2013

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