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Real-Life Big Data Examples

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Big Data is big news! Especially with the release of IBM’s new Power Systems Servers built with Power8 Processors, big data information is all around us. Today, let’s take a look at several examples of how big data is used to solve real business problems and improve business operations.

First up from a recent Forbes article, manufacturing and industry are using the power of big data to perform “predictive machine maintenance” to not only better manage machine parts and supplies, but also to help mitigate time down on production lines and sometimes even improve safety. Hospitals are also using big data to track medical devices and improve asset utilization. It can also allow them to more quickly respond to sudden spikes in activity.

A team from Syracuse University is using big data to analyze consumer home energy use and how this use impacts the power grid, “the research ultimately has the potential to launch industry-wide changes in the way consumers use and pay for energy, how utilities plan for peak-use issues, and how the electrical grid system can be optimized.”

Wired reported recently on McDonald’s use of big data, “the fast food chain uses big data analytics to optimize the drive-thru experience based on three factors: design, information provided on the menu and the types of customers coming through. Looking for trends in increased consumer demand, such as large cars of customers coming through, can be particularly beneficial for improving efficiency and preparing for that spike in demand ahead of time.”

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