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Spring Cleaning for IT

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CIO collected IT “spring cleaning” tips and opportunities from CIOs and CTOs. Here is what is on their “to do” list:

  • Prioritize power management. Make sure you have the tools in place to monitor energy use and review what you are spending and where.
  • Rationalize applications. You may or may not be surprised that in many cases a lot of money is spent maintaining outdated, under-utilized apps. Not only does maintenance of these apps add to the complexity of the environment but they also add costs. Use “spring cleaning” to inventory and review all supported apps.
  • Optimize BYOD policy. Don’t have one? Start creating one.
  • Identify new areas to automate. Catalog and review all manual processes and determine which ones could be automated. Manual interventions can be slow and create bottlenecks. They can also prevent us from taking advantage of cloud computing, virtualization and big data.
  • Review security practices to ensure they are best in class for working with SaaS.
  • Embrace self-service IT and empower end users. What functions does your IT team currently perform – could any be made into self-serve options? Not only does self-service help end users but it can also free up valuable time for your own team.
  • Review off-boarding procedures. Ensure policies are updated  with the cloud and personal devices in mind to protect company assets.
  • Clean up  mail servers. Not necessarily deleting but a mix of review, prioritization and archiving or moving to an alternate storage site.
  • Review governance for cloud-based storage. Be sure your data stored in the cloud is being treated as originally outlined with the service provider or how you govern when on-premise.
  • Create data policies and an audit schedule.

Share what’s on your spring cleaning list this year.