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Evolving Solutions Installs IBM Power8 Server

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Evolving Solutions is excited to announce that we are the first IBM Business Partner to install the newest IBM Power8 server designed with big data analysis in mind. IBM Power8 Processor technology is up to 50 times faster at analyzing data than the closest competitor.

“The processing capacity for the new IBM Power8 servers is amazing!” says Tim Klubertanz, Sr. IBM Power Systems Architect at Evolving Solutions. “Whether you have a transaction oriented database workload or an initiative to run analytics on Linux, the Power8 servers will be able to process more data and perform more activities at a time than other comparable solutions.”

“This puts us in a position to offer our customers a state-of-the-art technology solution and the option of industry-leading AIX or Linux operating systems,” adds President, Jamie Gmach.

Recently, Data Center Knowledge interviewed Tom Rosamilia, Senior Vice President of IBM Systems and Technology Group about the new Power8 Processor. He describes the technology as “the first truly disruptive advancement in high-end server technology in decades, with radical technology changes and the full support of an open server ecosystem that will seamlessly lead our clients into this world of massive data volumes and complexity.”

Interested in learning more? Contact us today to discuss your needs and  learn more about the new processing capabilities of Power8.

Read the full press release.