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Data Recovery and Lost Art

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CIO ran a story in April about an art data recovery project from an Amiga 1000 computer’s floppy disk. The art was by none other than famed artist Andy Warhol. Warhol was hired to promote the graphical capabilities of the Amiga 1000 and his work on the machine saved to the floppy disks in 1985. The Andy Warhol Museum was preserving the floppy disks but had no way to extract the data they held.

According to The Andy Warhol Museum, via YouTube another artist came across a video of Warhol promoting the Amiga 1000. In 2011, he dug deeper into this work and started the connecting of the parties to recover these works from the disks. This included many staffers from the Warhol Museum itself as well as the Carnegie Mellon University’s Computer Club, “a student organization known for their comprehensive collection of obsolete computer hardware.”

Check out these images:



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