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IBM Power8 – The Difference

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Power8 systems have 50% more cores and 2x the number of threads reports IBM Systems Magazine in a May article. The article walks through a Q&A with IBM Power Systems General Manager Dough Balog about the new advancement.

Working across business disciplines, IBM announced in April what they label as “game-changing first generation” power systems. The new Power systems are designed with CAMS – cloud, analytics, mobile and social – in mind. IBM Power8 is also “the most open server platform on the market now” and changes the way that IBM can deliver value to different businesses.

How does Power8 bring more big data capabilities? At a basic level big data requires:

  • More compute power to run more algorithms
  • More memory to calculate and manipulate data
  • More I/O to successfully process data in and out quickly

Mr. Balog says Power8 takes “every one of those basic principles of compute, memory, I/O and storage, and have dramatically—in orders of magnitude—increased them. We’ve [IBM Power8 Systems] got 50 percent more cores, twice the number of threads, and then you add some of the innovative capability from OpenPOWER on top of that and it takes it up even greater.”  He adds, “that’s why we say that these systems are built with the open innovation to put data to work.” More specifically, Power8:

  • Chips contain up to 12 processor cores per socket
  • Technology supports SMT8, eight simultaneous threads of execution per core
  • Cache has more on-chip cache than POWER7 and  introduces 128 MB of off-chip cache
  • Bandwidth has double sustained memory and peak I/O over POWER7

Evolving Solutions has become the first IBM Business Partner to install the brand new IBM Power8 server technology in our on-site technology lab.

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