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Industry News Round-up: Next-Gen Big Data Analytics

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To keep you on top of the latest and greatest big data technology news, we’ve rounded-up a list of topics in the news. First, read about key priorities that will help facilitate next-generation big data analytics, then why big data can help non-profits and, finally, big data and Oscar picks.

The Big 4 Priorities for Next-Gen Big Data

Scott Gnau of Forbes writes about preparing for the future of big data, “specific advice is tricky, given the variety of applications and use cases out there. So here’s my own attempt to distill things down to four priorities when implementing tomorrow’s big data architectures. Don’t think of these as separate buckets, though. Consider them more like a set of closely interrelated priorities, like signposts along the road to success in creating your own next generation analytics.”  With big data changing fast, he recommends keeping these priorities in mind:

  • Flexibility
  • Access
  • Governance
  • Context

Flexible architectures will help you handle the diverse nature of big data.  Providing access  not only to the data scientists but also to business users is important. When you empower more people, you also need to have governance in place to regulate. Finally, context not only to keep data clean but in some cases protect data privacy.

Big Data and Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations are also looking to use big data reports Ricky Rlbelro for BizTech Magazine.  Nonprofits can not only utilize big data to build and retain membership or to find and attract new donors, but they can also use big data to determine how their services are being perceived in the public and potentially spot issues before they become too big.

Big Data’s Oscar Picks

So the Oscars have wrapped up for another year. We can debate the merits of the winners and wonder why others didn’t make the cut, but how did big data do with its predictions this year. Steven Zeitchik and Oliver Gettell report for the LA Times, “in recent years, Big Data has attempted to turn art into science. This year such efforts are more prolific than ever — and more relevant, with the battle for best picture.” All three of the data companies interviewed for the article had “Birdman” in the lead for Best Picture which did in fact win. The companies took different approaches. One analyzed the voting body and others used combinations of data from past award ceremonies for their predictions. Just another example of how big data is growing in use – mixing art and science in this case.